Escova USA / Chemistry of Vanity, LLC

Exclusive U.S. Distributor of Escova Diamante, Brazil.

Imported from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Escova Diamante Brazilian Smoothing Treatment 31In todays market place there are so many products that fall into the category of "Brazilian" but, ironically, most are not even from Brazil.

Don't use an imposter. Escova Diamante is made, bottled-in and imported directly from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Orange County, California.

Diamante is a true Brazilian.

100% Non-Toxic.

Escova Diamante Brazilian Smoothing Treatment 32Unlike so many U.S. made "Brazilian" treatments that contain toxic chemicals like Formaldehyde and its close cousin, Methylene Glycol, Escova Diamante contains NO toxic chemicals whatsoever!

Many companies of so-called "Formaldehyde Free" prodcuts use Methylene Glycol in its place. Google it, they are essentially one in the same. Far too many companies prey on us and put us at risk when they market this way, making us believe we are safe when, actually, we are not.

During the Diamante process your eyes will NOT burn and it won't take your breath away. It has no bad odor,either. In fact it smells a lot like conditiioner.

Use the same day as color.

Escova Diamante Brazilian Smoothing Treatment 33Diamante is safe to be used the same day as a color service. This is great news for both the client and stylist to be able to accomplish so much in one visit.

(Stylists) Typically the treatment is done before the color. However, if you need more details consult your rep.

Eliminate Frizz.

Escova Diamante Brazilian Smoothing Treatment 34Escova Diamante eliminates frizz! And isn't that the point? Of course it is.

Diamante SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the amount of wave and curl, softening the previous look.

Diamante SIGNIFICANTLY reduces styling times, SIGNIFICANTLY reduces volume and SIGNIFICANTLY quells the effects of humidity, with long lasting results.

ZERO Downtime.

Escova Diamante Brazilian Smoothing Treatment 35This is such a great feature...No Down-Time!

Escova Diamante is washed, conditioned and styled at the end of the service, leaving your clients with perfectly smooth, soft and shiny hair that, if they choose, can be tied up, washed again, sweated on, or whatever, right away.

No Rules.

Escova Diamante Brazilian Smoothing Treatment 36Zero Downtime = No rules!

Don't tell your clients that they can't wash their hair for two or three days, or that they can't tie it up or put it behind their ears for as long. Don't tell them that they can't workout, or sweat or basically do anything fun for two or three days, either. With Diamante they will be told none of that.

Of course the use of a sulfate free shampoo is recommended, but that just goes without saying for any hair.

Long Lasting Results

Escova Diamante Brazilian Smoothing Treatment 37And would any of the above great features matter at all if it didn't last? Probably not. Well, not to worry.

Escova Diamante lasts a good four to five months, which is a lot better than one of the more well known brands whose best claim is "Up to 12 Weeks".